Assistant Director | Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants

Work Experience

• Practical experience in executing tasks similar to those described above; ideally experience working with a nonprofit or in the immigration sector.

• Track record delivering superior results, commanding respect, and assuming leadership roles.

• Success in roles requiring execution of multiple tasks while responding to multiple priorities.

• Proven ability to work with efficiency and flexibility while maintaining a harmonious workplace.

• Demonstrated proficiency in strategic planning, development and implementation of new programs and efforts to build long-term program sustainability

• Demonstrated success in developing successful collaborative working relationships with counterparts from diverse backgrounds, including other implementers and local partners, and international donors.

• Demonstrated experience with donor compliance and reporting requirements and thorough understanding of donor regulatory environments.

• Proficient in information technology, particularly Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and with a first rate ability to undertake Internet research. Fluency in digital communications platforms and strategies, including Facebook, Twitter and others. Demonstrated ability to identify and introduce new technology tools in the workplace.


• Strong strategic and analytical skills. Demonstrated interest in and sound understanding of global migration.

• Superior communication and interpersonal skills: articulate and tactful oral and written communication skills with a strong command of English. Knowledge of another language preferred. Experience in multicultural settings is advantageous

• Highly motivated, hard working and well organized. Willing to go the extra mile and work long hours and on weekends when required.

• Demonstrated commitment to excellence.

• Demonstrated track record of flexibility. Ability to react and adapt quickly to unexpected changes, and ready to anticipate problems and provide creative solutions and meet deadlines in challenging situations. Flexibility must also be applied to work in multicultural teams, respecting cultural, religious, and national diversity.

• Demonstrated commitment to ICDI’s mission and core values.

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