Job Offer

This week the Insight Team has offered me the opportunity to continue working with them after my internship ends! They are currently looking to replace my position and find an intern during the school year. However, Tony has discussed his apprehension with hiring a new intern because he was able to “screen” potential interns while he was teaching Stout’s appraisal course, which is how I was able to land this internship. I took his appraisal class and at the end of the course when I expressed interest in appraisal, he offered me an internship with his team. He said he was confident in hiring me because he was able to see how I worked and how well I did throughout the semester in his course. Now that he isn’t teaching the course, because he is pursuing a Masters Degree, he isn’t able to have any screening done and fears hiring a new intern might not work out as well as it has with me. Because I can’t drive to the cities and be present in the office during the week, he has offered for me to work remotely with them. If he isn’t able to find another intern, I am extremely excited to continue working for them and continue to expand my knowledge of the appraisal business!

July 19th, 2017 by