Author: Jake Useldinger

Storage Units

At Southern Estates we are excited to be developing a new storage unit facility that will be located on 47th Ave. S in Grand Forks, North Dakota. This will be the first storage unit facility that we have built so there is a lot of buzz around the office. It […]

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Meeting with Excel

I had an interesting meeting with excel energy about putting underground in for stoplights instead of overhead. We wanted to discuss this because in the future the new road could go from three lanes to five lanes. If that happens Southern Estates does not want to be stuck with the […]

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Double amount of lots

Last week I was in a meeting with my boss, a city council member, and the EDC vice president. Last year we developed 104 lots in Grand Forks all together. The city wants us to double that number and get it to 200 next year. That will be a very […]

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