July 17th, 2019 by Landon Bresnahan

This past week I had the opportunity to give a tour to my fellow Dominium interns at my property. A-Mill artist lofts is a very historic building located in Minneapolis and has many unique features to it. One being the hydro-generator under the building which supplies a lot of energy to the building. Also, there are many reservable spaces such as art studios, recording spaces, a dance studio, and many other spaces artist can freely express their artistic abilities. We do not give many tours due to the building being 100% occupied and it being a private residence. Overall it was great being able to show my building to others that are in the same boat as me managing for Dominium.

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July 14th, 2019 by samuel schoenborn

I just got the privilege of starting a new 4 week program called AMP! This program is designed to help real estate agents grow, become organized, and fully understand all of the technology, tools, and marketing techniques and skills that it takes to become a successful agent. The first day we created financial and personal goals, followed by the very first steps that need to be in place to start working on them. I’m excited to see where this course takes me and how it develops my skills in sales!


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July 12th, 2019 by Wing Yuen Yap

My friend who works for Dominium property management group took me on a tour at one of their signature property. It is the A Mill Artist Lofts, a historic restore building in Minneapolis by the Stone Arch Bridge. It is fascinating to see such a property as they turned a flour mill into apartments while remain most of the unique structure, giving a new life to this 1900s building. A Mill is also eco-friendly as the water wheels from the previous flour mill generates electricity providing a clean. renewable energy source for up to 70% of the apartments needs. Super cool property and it is even cooler if you learn about its history.

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July 11th, 2019 by samuel schoenborn

This week my license from the state of Minnesota was finalized and I am now a licensed realtor in both states! This was crucial for me as my office is located near the St. Croix River. Often times, agents work with buyers and sellers in both states. Knowing the laws that differentiate between the two is also very important. I plan to advertise myself with this achievement and hope that it separates me from the realtors in this area who are not licensed in both states, making my business more attractive to clients.

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June 18th, 2019 by Landon Bresnahan

I recently started my property management internship with Dominium at their amazing A-Mill Artist Loft property in Minneapolis. During my first week, I was given a full tour of the massive historic property. They have many unique spaces that they offer to their residents, and they showed me all the key features of this property including the rooftop lounge (where this picture was taken). Looking forward to learning a lot through this internship opportunity.

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June 15th, 2019 by Wing Yuen Yap

For the first 10 days of my internship, I am able to learn the basic of this industry. The interns were taught to use different software such as globespotter, pictometry, GIS map to conduct reassessment on townhouses and single family homes. I have to double check the characteristic of the real estates to see if our data matches the reality. Besides that, I also need to see if there was any factors that affects the value of the property and discuss it with one of the senior appraisal to find out if I need to add any value to the particular factor. And look, I found a heart shape lake from the bird-eye view located at Eagan!

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August 16th, 2018 by Miranda Scholten

This was probably one of my most favorite days. The MIT and I went to other apartments (competitors) and we shopped them. We pretended to be cousins and I was going to school at Bethel University and he worked downtown in the cities. It was really cool getting to see what other apartment homes look like and how the other leasing consultants react and how they treat you. It was a pretty big eye opener for me.

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June 8th, 2018 by Yuepheng Vang


7west Apartment Homes is not your typical property! With just Jessy and I running the office, we get serious work completed and do a four-person job. Today alone the two of us managed to lease out 22 apartments, give 4 tours, and help with 3 move-ins. In all honesty, the 22 leases were lead by our CD and regional director. Thank you Danielle and Tony!


This means 7west has very little vacancy, but we will certainly have a wonderful time in August, when all 22 short-term leases end. Sadly, my internship may end before the chaos. Jessy and I stayed late tonight, but we managed to order some pizza and have a good time while delivering 2 day’s worth of packages! I am definitely working at my fullest potential this Summer.

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July 26th, 2016 by mking

Today, we started the day off early because we had a meeting at 7 West with some other employees in the Minneapolis area talking about “opening up shop” as Weidner calls it. We just went over how the first hour of the day is supposed to be used to walk the property and make sure everything looks clean for prospects that come throughout the day. Then I will be staying late tonight since we will be doing another resident event here at Vue. We are having a musician come in and play and we will have wine, beer, and appetizers for our residents. These events are pretty fun and mostly just socializing so it’s nice to get the extra hours of work in.

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