Last Friday (7/8) one of our account managers grabbed me to go visit a couple of accounts to check in with them and see how everything is going. The first building we traveled to was Northland Plaza in Bloomington MN. Northland Plaza is 450,000 square feet of office space and is also home to Tria Orthopedics. Cushman Wakefield informed him that they were missing some vacuums and could use a couple of extra. They also informed him that there was a man who has been missing the urinal and peeing on the floor. They were unsure if this was intentional or unintentional but I found this to be kinda of humorous until I thought about the employee who had to clean it up. Cushman Wakefield also noted that our cleaners were going above and beyond expectations and that they were happy with the efforts put forth by our staff.

The next building we visited was the Cummins plant in Fridley MN. This industrial plant was a whopping 650,000 square feet and seemed even bigger once inside. I had to watch a safety video before I could set foot in the plant. My co-worker informed me of the tag process used at ABM to produce extra revenue for work outside of the contract. Currently our staff is cleaning the ceiling of 650,000 square foot plant which creates increased revenue for ABM and also my co-worker. I never realized how much driving was involved in the account manager position.

Attached are some pictures of the two locations:

Aerial-shot-of-Fridley-plant1 Cumminsnorthlandplaza2010filephoto-bynancy-750xx4288-2412-0-218Northland Plaza

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