Two other interns and I took a trip to Portland. We went to voodoo donuts which was fun and the donuts were really good. We also took a picture with the keep Portland weird sign. We also walked around the city a little bit. The city itself is pretty different from a lot of other cities I have been around. I guess that’s why the show Portlandia exists. We also went to the Oregon Zoo. That was a lot of fun. It is a very nice zoo and we got to see lots of different animals. Its actually kind of accurate too. After the city we drove out to the beach. We stopped at a place called top golf because the guys wanted to stop there. It ended up being really fun because I didn’t know how to golf and the guys taught me. After Top Golf we went to Cannon Beach. It was one of the prettiest beaches I had ever seen. We watched the sunset there and then headed home. It was definitely one of my favorite day trips ever.

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