The Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014-2024 forecast indicates that real estate job opportunities will be best for those with a college degree in real estate or business administration, and for those who obtain professional credentials.

Some quick facts:

  • According to, the average Residential Property Manager salary in 2016 is $47,000, with a range usually between $47,334-$61,333.
  • A Property Management career isn’t a just desk job – it provides a lot of variety and flexibility, and you learn something new every day.
  • Real Estate Management jobs are forecast to see steady, stable growth, due to population increases, a surge in the amount of real estate that’s considered investment property and the relatively new recognition that real estate management requires special training and education.
  • Real Estate Property Management is one of the few industries offering a diversity of opportunities in so many different directions without a Master’s Degree.
  • It’s a great starting point for a career as a real estate broker, developer or investor.   And, if you think you’d like to own your own properties to remodel or flip, a Real Estate Property Management degree will give you a solid foundation for building your property portfolio.
  • UW Stout’s program has a 100% successful employment rate for our students.

A B.S. degree from UW Stout’s Real Estate Property Management program gives you much more than just a business degree – it opens the door to a wealth of possibilities for careers ranging from residential and commercial property management, to real estate investing and sales.

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