Today was the beginning of my second week as the intern/leasing consultant for The Club at Eagle Point Apartments located in Anchorage. I have had a lot of experience so far answering phones and talking to future and current residents, but today I was able to do something new. I was shown how to appropriately set up a “mini model” in one of our available apartments. The mini model is designed to create an at home feeling for potential residents and are generally just small amounts of items that we set up in the apartment. They can range anywhere from dish ware, to counter-top accessories, and even bathroom decorations. As well as learning how to best place the mini model, I did my first move-in inspection. The inspection required me to go through the apartment and an inspection checklist to make sure that the entire list of items to look for was up to our standards. This meant checking the floors, the appliances, the walls, etc. and making sure that if there were any fixes or blemishes that needed attention, that we wrote them down so the new owners were not responsible for things that were already existent. After my inspection to make sure it was ready to go, I handed the file off to one of my coworkers who double checked it and we did the actual move-in with the resident together. Both parties were happy and they were excited to move in! Our maintenance team had done an exceptional job so I didn’t have to proceed further after the inspection, but I am definitely excited to do more!

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