This week, I began working at the next building in my rotation for the summer. I am working with a fantastic team that is managing a class A, large national retail headquarters in downtown Minneapolis. This two-week rotation has an emphasis on security, emergency, and risk management which is fitting because this property is located downtown and there has been no shortage of incidences. Following the theme for the next two weeks, I went to a DID (Downtown Improvement District) meeting for a new security pilot that is launching, completed a walkthrough with the building security, and participated in a tabletop discussion on lockdown protocols.

In between the security, emergency, and risk management focused tasks and activities, I observed, and then attempted creating a PO (purchase order) and contract to send out to one of our vendors. Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend a Minnesota Twins game with part of the team and attend a tenant event that was held at the property I was previously at. In short, this week was packed with some amazing learning opportunities!

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