This week I was asked to fill in for a community director at Avenir Apartments. This apartment complex is located in downtown Milwaukee, in close proximity to the Fiserv Forum and the Milwaukee River.

At first I was very nervous when I was asked to fill in, as I have only been working at Stitchweld for a few weeks, and Avenir apartments would be completely foreign to me. I was primarily nervous because Avenir Apartments is a one-man property meaning I would be completely on my own. 

To my surprise, upon arriving at Avenir apartments I realized that I knew so much more than I thought. Since all Weidner propeties in my area use mostly the same CRM softwares, logging in and responding to resident inquiries was a breeze. 

Since I was new to the Avenir property I was instructed that a Blackout would be placed on the calendar, meaning there would be no scheduled guest appointments, and I was only to help anyone that might randomly stop by the desk. Upon arriving on property to fill in for the community director, I saw a note saying I did infact have a tour that day.

Originally I was very worried that I didn’t know the property well enough. However, before my tour came I made sure to walk a tour route several times, and review all of the pricing information again and again. By the time my tour showed up it looked like I had been working at Avenir for weeks! I answered all of their questions to the best of my ability and they left extremely interested in our property.

I was really excited to see how many skills I have learned this summer are transferable to any other career I may have in the future.

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