‘I absolutely made the right choice in coming to UW-Stout’

A Q&A with one of the 750 students who received a diploma Dec. 14 at UW-Stout:

Name: Elizabeth Stanford
Hometown: Siren
Major: Real estate property management; minor in business administration
Awards, honors: Summa cum laude, Chancellor’s Award every semester, Outstanding Student Award Spring 2018

Why did you choose UW-Stout? UW-Stout was the only college that I formally applied to. When my parents and I began searching for colleges, we came across UW-Stout, and quickly realized that this university was a diamond in the rough. UW-Stout’s tuition being on the lower end was an attractive piece of the puzzle. The laptops with updated software as well as textbooks included in our tuition were huge selling points. Plus, I preferred to stay within two hours of my family. The fact that UW-Stout is a hands-on learning school had more value to me than any other contributing factor. I quickly found out that I absolutely made the right choice in coming to UW-Stout.

What are the biggest obstacles you faced in earning your degree? One of the biggest obstacles was spreading myself too thin at times. I have a tendency to say yes to everyone and try to stay as busy as possible. However, there were times where I had quite possibly committed to too many things and struggled to fit everything into my schedule, which led to stressful weeks here and there. I’m glad I pushed myself to stay involved with work and school because it led to a very beneficial and satisfying college experience.

What stands out among your college experiences? The professional connections through the REPM major, as well as the UW-Stout IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) Student Club that I was fortunate enough to be a part of. Through this student organization, I have attended conferences around the nation, created a great network of professional connections and been exposed to numerous avenues of the property management industry through tours and guest speakers. I was also co-president of this club, which gave me great experience in leadership and delegating.

What’s next? I have a few offers on the table, one in residential property management and one in commercial property management. Both are wonderful companies, but I have not yet made my decision. Until then, I will be enjoying the last bit of the holiday season with my friends and family and enjoy my last little break before heading into the workforce!

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