Today I had a man come in to look for an apartment for immediate move in. When he came in, he first let me know that he did have a felony and asked if that would be an issue to which I stated that I wouldnt know anything until I ran the credit and criminal background. He had let me know that he went to another apartment complex that told him to not even bother because he would probably just get denied. I told him not to give up, and that he should still apply, and if it did come back as a deny that I can send it up to someone with higher power to decide. So he applied and got me all the proper paperwork. Once I ran him, he came back as a straight accept on both criminal and credit, so I got him moved in the next day, and I could tell that he was very excited. And the feeling of being able to find someone their new home after he was told not to even bother, was such a great feeling.

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