Today, we have our auditor is in to view our apartments, look at the affordable housing apartments, and view files. Having her here has been very stressful for everyone, but at the same time once we find out the results, we’ll know how well we’re doing. I started off this morning going to every model home to make sure everything was up to par. I cleaned everything from the refrigerators, cleaned light switches, swept and cleaned counter tops and the doors. We have to make sure there is absolutely nothing on these surfaces to make sure we pass. She has to view peoples apartments in the affordable housing program, to make sure we are being fair (we are) with everyone, no matter what. She is viewing our files to make sure every paper is signed, the calculations are right on the stubs, and that everything is filled out and in order. The littlest thing can be a fail, such as forgetting to put a date, having a blank signature, or putting a paper in the wrong spot. So although today has been stressful for everyone in the office, I trust everyone here, and know we will pass our audit and continue with success.

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