Here are bits and pieces of what my day looked like yesterday 7/5.


  • Came into the office with 7 new voicemails and 44 unread emails.
  • I moved in a new resident.
  • We had Red Cross at our property for a blood drive.
  • Our fire alarms went off from a vendor using a fog machine to neutralize the smell in an apartment.  The fire department came and wanted to take a report along with me.  Needless to say this startled many residents and we had numerous coming down making sure everything was okay.
  • I signed a new lease for a mid-august move in.
  • I had two showings for prospective residents.  One of which spoke very minimal English and we relied on a translating app on her phone for communication.
  • I worked with three current residents on their renewal options and sent out four move out guideline packets to residents who gave their notice.
  • I went to an apartment that has had water damage from a leaking AC.

These were the main highlights of yesterday along with all of the normal activity of residents coming in and out asking questions and the phones constantly ringing.  Just a typical day in property management, you never know exactly what the day will bring.



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