Last week we visited Blaine Medical Center to do a walk around on the account. On our way there, one of the suite managers called my boss and said he found 5 blades of grass in their suite. Safe to say he was not a happy camper and which resulted in my boss not being happy either because he was putting in time helping the cleaners throughout the week. On Thursday (7/21) my boss decided to take me with to help detail North Metro Surgery Center. Once again we dressed up in scrubs but this time we were armed with dust rags and gloves. We took 3 hours cleaning dust from every corner and ledge in the surgery center. It was nice to work with my hands again but it made me realize how hard cleaning can be. It was also enjoyable to get out of the office but I would not want to work multiple 12 hour days in a week. We also implemented our new task list for the general cleaning and have yet to hear a complaint from the customer. Im keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes ok this week.

20160720_112052 Of course we had to get a picture in our cleaning outfits.

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