This week I spent 2 more days at castle apartments, to help out as they are down a leasing consultant and it keeps things interesting. My first day back there was perfect timing as executives from Seattle were touring the property to look at the exterior doors that have suffered years of abuse from homeless breaking into the building. It was actually impressive to see how damaged some of the doors and door frames were. As I noted in an earlier post this has been an ongoing problem, and management is hoping that this cap-ex project will help solve the issue. On Friday we went on an operations tour with the regional manager. The tour consisted of a tour of multiple properties owned by Weidner. While the tour was great it was nothing compared to the conversation I had with the regional manager about the housing crisis and development issues anchorage is currently facing. Currently, in anchorage, there is not enough mid-income as well as low-income housing to really distinguish between the two. There is also a large homelessness issue as well. Not helping the issue there is currently no infrastructure help from the city of anchorage on any new developments. Normally the city would pay for 1/2 if not all of the infrastructure, causing investors to look elsewhere with higher ROI. Causing the city to create a housing development board and then go to private companies like Weidner asking them what it will take to spark more development in the area.

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