This week has really started to pick up traffic-wise, my CD  is thinking we finally hit our sweet spot for pricing our rental units. I also got to spend some time with maintenance this week. The maintenance supervisor showed me the maintenance checklist when turning units and went over what it takes to properly turn a unit. He also had me prep the unit to paint, so I took off all the outlets and switch covers as well as tore up the carpet and carpet pad. To wrap up the week we had a community bbq for the residents. The weather didn’t cooperate nearly as much as we hoped, however, we still cooked up about 120 items for residents. We also had an unexpected guest stop by almost immediately. A homeless man that appeared to be under the influence of drugs stumbled upon our cookout, so we gave him a burger for him to be on his way. However it still took some convincing for him to leave, it was definitely a great lesson on how to handle potentially volatile situations.

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