Part of my duties here at CUNA is completing files that may be incomplete and reaching out to our loan servicers to get any files that we might be missing. Most of the time when I reach out I get a nice person from the company and they send me over the documents right away. Recently though I noticed that one of our servicers hasn’t sent in any of the info they are PAID to collect for the 5 properties that they service. Initially I reached out to my contact on the company and I was informed that I was going to have to be put in contact with someone else at the company. Instantly I knew this was not a good sign because this is a task that almost anyone should have been able to complete. After two days of waiting I finally information on one of the five properties that I had requested. I have now reached out again, in a decidedly less nice manner, requesting the remaining information by the Fourth of July. I have been keeping the analyst on our end updated and he has also indicated that this is a ridiculous occurrence.

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