This past week I was able to start working on evaluating new deals with the help of one of our full time analysts. The process starts when a Mortgage Broker sends us a submission packet that contains all the important information on the property. Some examples of the include information would be a summary of the property, the mortgage brokers underwriting, photos of the property, property financials, proformas, a copy of previous years rent rolls, and depending on the property a copy of anonymous personal financial statements. This is probably my favorite part of my internship up until this point because I am getting to see what goes into evaluating a deal in depth. It is also interesting to see the methodology that goes into determining how much we could realistically loan to someone without taking to much risk. Generally that means staying below 70% LTV and around 9%-12% Debt Yield which makes finding good deals a little harder but that also means when we do find something it is going to be on the safer side investment wise.

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