Luke Juinon

Wausau, Wi

Wausau West High School, Wausau Wi

Senior, Real Estate Property Management

Internship organization – Weidner Property Management


My position within Weidner is a very dynamic position with multiple duties expected of me to do when present at work. Mainly I am there to shadow the property’s operations, get a better feel for what it is like to manage a large asset and help around the property in any way I can. So far, I have been given the responsibility of final walking units before a resident moves in. Final walking consists of checking the main mechanical portions of the apartment home such as the sinks and their drains, the tub and drain, ensure the stove is working properly just to name a few items among the checklists. I have also been showing apartments and learning how to prep them for tours. As time goes on I’m sure I will be given more responsibilities around the property, however only time will tell.


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