This was my final week at The Vue at Pinnacle Park. It was a very busy week from having some move-ins, move-outs, events, and helping at a different property. The move-ins went very smoothly and we had no issues with the new resident giving us all the required materials for move-ins. Then on Tuesday, we held another resident event. The event was not as large scale as all the other resident events that we have held. It was a networking event aimed to have residents mingle with each other and share what their careers are. We provided snacks and refreshments to enjoy while they talked with each other. We also had little cards that had questions on them that would help generate conversation between the residents. The networking event lasted a couple of hours and all the residents really enjoyed getting to know each other more as well as learning more about different careers in the Madison area.

Then I volunteered to go to one of The Vue’s sister communities and help out there. I went over to the sister community Swan Creek to help out around the office. I was able to help process some of the applications that Swan Creek had waiting to be processed. It was a bit interesting to be in a different office space, work with different residents, and learn everything about a property.

This summer has been a great experience where I have been able to grow in my professionalism, increase my knowledge about property management, and build amazing relationships with Weidner employees and multiple residents. I definitely don’t want to leave but I know that The Vue crew will definitely miss me and my help around the property.


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