This week we touched base on leasing aspects of the apartment management industry. I learned more about Fair Housing and Occupancy standards when shadowing my co-workers on tours as well. They talked about the standard Fair housing laws brought up on tours and how many people can actually occupy an apartment with 1-2 bedrooms. I observed different telephone and touring techniques demonstrated by my supervisor Jack and community director Andrew. These were simple procedures that are used on a day to day basis when communicating with residents and potential prospects. I was shown some sale techniques and learned about our loyalty program we offer for long-term leasers. For any 2-3 year lease we can offer 2 months free off your lease meaning you would receive 4-6 months free by the end of your lease term. I learned more about resident selection and how to know if someone qualifies to rent from us as well as application processing and verifications. We require 3X the rent for monthly income for individuals applying by themselves and 4X the rent for monthly income for any co-signer/guarantor. I am now familiar with our lease management program here at 7west as well as specific units and amenities/services available. I understand the importance of prospect follow ups in order to successfully manage potential incoming and future residents.


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