This week my coworker and I were given the task to do an audit on our storage units and garages. Our waitlist was a disorganized, lengthy mess and our property manager said it had been quite some time since anyone has tackled the project.

We divided the project in to several steps in efforts to stay organized any get tenants off the wait list as soon as possible. Some of these steps included: matching garage door openers with garages (if we could even find one), checking codes with code boxes, Making sure that empty units were actually empty, making a list of any maintenance repairs and actually contacting tenants to ask if they were still interested. This may not sound to bad, but in order to keep records and make sure you were doing everything by the book… it was a process.

We also spent a lot of time making a new waitlist, organizing, and creating new documents in efforts to stay on top of who and what are occupying the units. The project is still on going but the most exciting part so far is discovering some of the abandoned property in the storage units…. But I think that deserves its own post!

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