Starting on Friday we had people whose leases started on 7/1 begin the move in process. One tenant that we had moving in was very unsatisfied to say the least with their unit. When they toured their unit, they didn’t tour the unit they were going to be staying in but a unit with the same floor plan/layout. However the apartment that they rented had something funky with their bedroom wall which was unique to only this unit. The tenants were outraged and my property manager offered a couple of viable solutions but none of them resolved the issue with the tenant. In a rare scenario we offered them the option to cancel their lease (which is something we don’t usually do). They opted to take this option and canceled their lease as of this morning. My property manager said that in her years of experience in property management she has never had a tenant so unhappy with their unit that they were unable to correct the problem.

So PSA: Make sure when touring an apartment you wish to rent, make sure you get to see the actual unit you’ll be renting because sometimes just because they share floor plans, they may not be the exact same.

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