This past week was busy at Whispering Cedars! I spent the week gaining more familiarity and independence with the same tasks I was working on last week- answering the phone, updating resident files, and giving tours. I gave a couple of tours independently this week, and while it was nerve-racking because there is still so much to earn about this community, I am gaining more confidence and knowledge with each tour I give. I even had someone send in an application after the tour I gave them last week! Through out the week I also learned more about the Yardi computer software we use. I have been slowly learning about it the past couple weeks, but this week, I watched some training videos on it, and was able to complete more tasks using the softer because of that! After the work week was over, I got the chance to roadtrip to Olympic National Park with some of the other interns. We got to see the ocean and hike through the rainforest. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn so much about residential property management from Weidner and be able to enjoy the beautiful state of Washington this summer!

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