This week I did some tours earlier in the week with the model units that we have. Some of the prospective residents that I toured went ahead and submitted applications for the units that I recommended to them. The Community Director and Leasing Specialist wanted me to go ahead and complete the entire application process by myself for the people I leased to, which I was super excited about! I spent the week completing the steps of the application process for future residents! I did background checks, ID verifications, Income verifications, employment checks, and more! I have been learning a lot this week and I am getting more confident with the process! One issue that we had this week was someone reported a man at their door and also someone tried to break into my apartment, which was crazy! I think that more steps need to be taken at our property to ensure better security as I do not think that enough is being done to ensure better safety as well as responding to customer complaints regarding safety. 

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