As I get more comfortable working, I have been noticing several things and situations that I wish I could handle differently or things I would change if I were a manager. One major thing is that our maintenance staff is understaffed. There are only two guys who work on the many maintenance requests that we receive daily. Residents will often call inquiring about why their requests have not yet been serviced when they have submitted requests over three days ago. Between everyday maintenance repairs, unit turnover cleaning, unit turnover repairs, and maintenance emergencies, we should have more people on the maintenance team in my opinion. The team is not able to effectively or efficiently complete tasks that need to be done, in my opinion. I know it is not their fault that they are busy but I think more people on the team would lead to less stress for them, happier residents, and smoother move-in processes overall. This is something that I have noticed and will keep in mind when I am a manager or own my own company in the near future. I am gaining a lot of experience and learning a lot of new things while working at my internship! The office only had two other people who work there besides me and sometimes that is not ideal also. Sometimes appointments get missed and residents are unhappy about it. If I was a manager, I would have a better scheduling system put in place to help make sure that all appointments are on time whenever possible. Something else I have been doing is following up with the residents to make sure their requests have been completed, which is something that I have noticed that they appreciate. I love where I am working and I continue to learn more and more every day! 

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