This week we had an event for the residents where they could come and get mini pancakes one evening. The residents at my property really enjoy it when we bring different vendors to the property. On Friday of this week, we had three move-ins which was a lot. We had them all scheduled at different times spaced out throughout the day to ensure that each move-in would have enough tie before the next one. The couple who had their move-in planned for 2 pm decided to arrive at 11 AM instead. This was stressful and inconvenient for us because we had the other move-in at 10:30 AM. My co-worker and I  had to work together to ensure that we could properly help both couples at the same time. I helped one of the couples with their lease signing and my co-worker worked with the other. It was stressful, but we were able to successfully move them in. Later in the day, the last move-in was expecting to have a garage with his unit because the description for his unit said he was. Unfortunately, his unit did not actually come with a garage and the company listing was wrong, which was not our fault. He was disappointed as he was looking forward to the garage. Our community director was not in during this time, so my co-worker had to think fast on solutions to make the resident feel better about the situation. It was interesting seeing how my co-worker handled the difficult situations today on the spot. Coming up with solutions quickly is something that is not easy and I was impressed that he was able to do so. It also helped me learn how to handle those situations if I ever find myself in them. We also had an issue with the mailboxes this week and my community director asked me to write up a letter to inform the residents about it, which I thought was cool that I got to do because I enjoy writing things.

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