This week, my manager showed me how to do quite a few things on Yardi which is the software that we use. She showed me how to enter delinquency notes and how to keep track of who is not paying their rent and the steps we are taking to try to collect. I also learned how to collect all of the necessary paperwork and fill out forms to send someone to collections. I am happy that my manager is showing me how to do a lot of the manager stuff that she does. She is always impressed by how fast I complete tasks and how fast I catch onto things, which I think is one of my good traits. We continue to have issues with the maintenance staff and their time management and communication with us. They did not get a unit properly ready for a move-in and the resident did not want to move into the unit. We had to scramble and see if another unit was ready for her to move into quickly. Luckily, we moved her into another unit and she was happy. I have learned so much over the past couple of months and I will be sad to leave this location soon. However, if I decide to work with Weidner in the future, I will have gained a lot of experience and knowledge already. 

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