This past week I had transitioned from my old property in St. Paul to my new property in Maplewood. It was a nerve racking transition but I was able to adjust and fit in here in the new property as well. In the middle of last week I had my 1st half performance review with my 1st property manager. It was just a small meeting with my old property manager and my current property manager to discuss how I did over my first 5 weeks. To my surprise my old property manager was very pleased with my work and thought I made a huge difference at their property. It was nice to get some positive feedback because I wasn’t really sure about the level of work I’ve been outputting. It was reassuring to hear that not only did I do a good job at helping that property get itself caught up, but at the bottom of the review there was check box on whether you’d recommend the intern full a full-time hire, to which she checked yes. So going from being unsure of how I was doing to being told I could get a full-time job with the company was really comforting to hear.

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