Every morning upon arriving at the office, the whole staff takes part in the morning routine. This routine is mostly about cleaning and preparing the office for the day. We look over the model, office, fitness center and anywhere else we need to to be sure everything looks good and presentable for any prospects or residents who may come into the office that day. While doing this routine every morning, I have come to realize the importance of attention to detail. We clean the front door windows every day to be sure they are free of smudges. After doing this for a few weeks, I have realized that it makes a much bigger difference than you might originally think. Now, I’m very quick to notice this detail on our doors, and even on other places that I go now. I notice more when it is not done than when it is, but it is a negative thought. By always keeping things looking good, we are able to avoid people having a bad first impression of our property and community.

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