This is my last week here at the Club at Eagle Pointe Apartments and I am so very sad to be leaving, but I am having a great last week. I took some time to visit and shadow with our maintenance team and have learned a lot about the make ready process and the time and energy they put in to making sure apartments are turned as quickly as possible. We have a great group of maintenance techs who are always so willing to help and willing to take care of things we need done right away, even if they’re in the middle of doing something else. I was able to watch as they went through the apartments and they showed me ways to do quick, but effective fixes. They also gave me some tips and tricks on how to make sure good work is being done, but it’s also getting done in a timely fashion so we can get apartments back on the market. I have truly enjoyed this internship and have made some fantastic friendships along the way.

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