From what I’ve experienced here at Bigos Property Management has been nothing but amazing people, great properties and a positive work environment. Both sites I’ve been at as well as the corporate office is nothing but pleasant experiences and a good working atmosphere. However that’s not always the case with every property. There were 7 other interns and now there is only 6. I’m not going to mention who the intern is who is no longer an intern but their experience at their 2nd site wasn’t as pleasant as the other sites. Keep in mind they only have to spend 5 weeks at each property, but this property was so bad that after just 3 weeks they requested to end their internship early. The staff at this site (managers and maintenance) constantly argued with one another creating a very uncomfortable work environment. On top of the staff constantly arguing with each other I guess they argued with the residents as well. I still think Bigos is a great company and would love to work for them one day but after hearing this story it’s opened my eyes that there’s a spoiled apple in every patch. I couldn’t imagine a work environment so bad that they couldn’t keep an intern for only 5 weeks, I couldn’t imagine working there full time. But I’m lucky that’s not the case with either property I’ve worked at or visited and non of the other interns have had an experience such as this one. Appreciate your good staffs while you can <3

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