Now that the summer is nearing the end, it’s looking likely that I will continue working with Insight during my school year. I’ve mentioned earlier that Tony is looking for another student that won’t need much training in and has at least a baseline knowledge of appraisal. The team has the resources the find Stout student’s that have taken the course and has potential but they know it would be difficult to find a student that can commute to the cities during a school week and either train in or work at the office with them. Because it would difficult to find a successful, commuting Stout student, Tony and I have talked a little more about working for them remotely since I know their software and routines. I have continually mentioned that I would be very interested in continuing with them throughout the school year, so I’m excited to potentially¬†have this great opportunity as intern turn into a remote job where I can continue to network and build a relationship with the company, all¬†while still being a student.

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