On July 1st, my company (ABM Industries) took over the cleaning of Park Place East and West. At 10:30 am we received our two $9,000 orders of supplies at each building needed to begin and sustain our cleaning efforts of the 396,000 square feet of office space. Our order included chemicals, gloves, vacuums, rags, and pretty much everything you could ever think of needed to clean an office building. It was difficult work moving the supplies into the janitorial space along with unpacking everything and assembling the necessary equipment in order to complete Friday nights cleaning. It took us approximately 7 hours to assemble everything just to find out that we had only received 8 out of the 14 vacuums we ordered. Luckily, the previous cleaning company had left supplies after the moved out which came in handy because parts of our supplies were on back-order. It was a great experience to walk the buildings and to learn about the immense effort it takes to keep our accounts in pristine condition. I will also appreciate the over time hours on my upcoming paycheck.

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