I just learned about Weidner’s Pickle Program and it is so cool! When I say pickles, I am not talking about the vegetable, it is actually a rewards program. At my facility, every Friday we call Pickle Friday. The purpose of this day is to reward our tenants for following their lease agreements, and to get us more involved in the community where we work.

On Friday morning our Leasing Manager gave everyone in our office a gift card that we were supposed to give away during our shift. I had some down time in the afternoon so I walked around the community in search of good deeds. Where I ended up was at the pool. Lately, we have been having an issue with people trying to sneak glass bottles into the pool and wondered if this was something I could address. I saw a lady that was drinking out of a plastic cup and thought this would be a perfect pickle! I thanked her for not using glass and gave her the $15 Coldstone Creamery Giftcard. She was very surprised and grateful, I think it made an impact on her and those around her. Not only did we benefit that lady, but she also helped us by spreading the word about not using glass in the pool area. What a great program!

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