In property management we are always thinking and planning ahead. Even though we are in the longest and hottest days of the year, we need to be sure all of our snow maintenance contracts are submitted to property managers. Every property in our snow maintenance route must have a signed contract on file by September to assure routing and winter services. The contracts outline insurance coverage, billing and payment terms, service requirements, and contact information. For snow maintenance, the contract carefully covers snow fall amounts, plowing requirements, sand/salting requirements, if and when sidewalks are cleared and ice melt applied. The monthly service requirements and pricing of services are carefully outlined. After the historic snow fall of last season, all contracts were reviewed for pricing changes, updated, and submitted to the property offices. Snow routes must be in a tight service area because crews can only cover a certain amount of area for each snow event. Routes must be finalized by September because it is important to secure returning customers and only allow a certain number of new clients into the route. Overbooking routes means inefficient snow removal times and customer complaints if snow is not plowed and cleared in a timely manner.

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