As a resident of the property and an intern for the summer I get to see two points of view when it comes to the property and its amenities. Everyone loves amenities, and a pool is a very desired asset to many properties by residents. What goes on behind the scenes to keep a pool clean, safe, and in good shape is a lot of hard work and patience! I have been able to witness the daily tasks of the maintenance crew as we work on getting both pools up and running for the summer months. The issues, and time it takes to fix these issues, are more than what you can imagine. Not only do you have to make sure that the pool is safe for the residents usage, but also that the pool meets code and is not violating any city laws. As a resident enjoying a refreshing pool after a long day of working I am blind to the work that is put in to keep this amenity running, but as an intern I see and hear all the hardships that come with it. A friendly reminder to thank the maintenance staff for all their hard work!IMG_2932

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