This week I tagged along with one of the appraisers, Josh, to a property inspection. He had me look up the property and create front-end work for the properties before we toured so that I was familiar with the property. When we got there we greeted the property owner and asked him a few general questions on the property like if there have been any recent improvements made on the property, and since it was a business we asked the yearly income the property produces. After that we asked to see the property. While we walked through, I took pictures to implement into the appraisal reports so that our client can have a clear idea of what the property is like without having to visit it themselves. Josh talked to me about how he normally brings along a notebook and sometimes writes down notes about the condition of the building. Since I was taking enough pictures he did not write any notes this time because he can look back on the pictures to produce comments on the condition of the building. Overall, it was a good experience and I learned how to conduct myself as a professional when visiting clients and/or property owners.

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