Yesterday my boss and I visited with Rice Real Estate Company concerning the Medical Arts Building in downtown Minneapolis. Rice was looking for tag labor which is labor that is outside of the scope of work that is defined in our contract with them. This labor creates increased revenue for our company along with my boss and the employees that perform the labor. Rice wanted us to clean the Medical Arts Building chandeliers on the 1st floor along the three larger chandeliers hanging above the escalators between 2nd and 3rd floor. The 1st floor chandeliers would be a simple job but 2nd floor is a different story. We voiced our concerns with Rice regarding how to clean the chandeliers over the escalators because they are nearly impossible to get to and would also be very dangerous for our staff. They informed us that the fixtures drop down on a crank system and then we would be able to clean them. I found it to be amazing that engineers almost 100 years ago had the smarts to put a crank system which would allow the chandeliers to be serviced on the ground. This is the 4th meeting I have experienced with a different property management group and I continue to gain knowledge each time.

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