The first week of my Weidner internship was orientation and a basic general overview of the companies operation. The first day was very simple procedures and learning techniques of being a leasing consultant at 7west. My team and I went through the companies mission, goals, and objectives then touched base on the companies organizational structures and simple staff introductions. At 7west apartments we work very closely with a customer relations management software (CRM) to follow up and connect with potential prospects and future residents. This software connects us with customers/prospects who are interested in our apartment and contact us through our website. For the first couple of days, I observed my team and supervisors follow up with interested prospects and learned the basics of being a property management leasing consultant. From here I learned opening and closing procedures, answering services, policies and procedures, forms, general mail, our key systems, and understanding the dress code that is required. My supervisors basically showed me simple procedures, communication skills, and what kinds of confidentiality to use with guests in certain situations. Overall I had a very informative first week of training that gave me a really good taste of the property management industry.


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