Hello my name is Michael Deschler and I am from Waterford Wisconsin. This is also where I went to high school which was Waterford Union High School. I am a senior at Uw stout with a double major in the HRTM program and REPM program. I am doing my summer internship through Weidner here at Aspen Creek.

Here I am working with leasing the open apartments. After my first few weeks I have been doing showings, leasing, setting up for showings, and talking with residents to help with problems they may have. I am definitely experiencing challenges since most of what I am learning is new information yet am learning a lot by the help of my supervisors. My goals are being met so far and I am learning a lot and am very happy with the communication being done with the Weidner community. A goal of mine I am still waiting to achieve is the details on every task a property manager is responsible for but this will come with time. I’m excited to keep updating my goals and learning more along the way.


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