This week at the Vue was a fairly good week! We had some move-ins and move-outs to handle. The office was not super busy, but the maintenance team had quite a bit of work to do. The maintenance team was busy with turning apartments and getting big service requests out of the way. I was able to help them out a little bit by helping residents with their minor work orders. One work order that I helped with was a resident who had accidentally dropped a small plastic water bottle cap down into their garbage disposal unit and wanted the maintenance team to retrieve the cap for them. Since I knew the maintenance team was busy and did not want to add another service request to their to-do list, I insisted that I go up to the resident’s apartment and retrieve the plastic cap from their garbage disposal. I ended up spending only a couple of minutes digging around in the garbage disposal before I grabbed a hold of the cap. The resident was so thankful that I took a few minutes to help them out! I was glad to help them out with their garbage disposal and did not mind stepping out of the office for a little bit!

Also, The Vue at Pinnacle Park is a very pet-friendly community. Since we are very pet friendly here at The Vue we will get some residents that will stop by the office with their dogs. All of the staff love it when residents bring their dogs into the office to say hello because it gives us a quick break from work to have some small talk and be around some amazing dogs. Kobe is the dog pictured below and he loves stopping by the office to say hello to everyone and get some love from everyone in the office.


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