This week our property was visited by one of Weidner’s Arear Directors for Wisconsin. I was super busy when he stopped by the office and when I sat down to chat with him I did not think to grab a picture with him. The Area Director went over The Vue’s numbers so far for the quarter. We were able to look at the graphs and numbers and see how the property is doing for the annual goals. It was really good to see where the team had to improve! I was able to ask questions about what some of the terms meant and why it was good to track certain data. I could definitely tell that we were getting into more higher-level property management topics that I have not yet covered in my courses. One thing that I was able to learn was how much of an impact a simple upcharge for parking can have on a property’s revenue. The difference was ten of thousands of dollars in revenue! Besides one of the Area Directors stopping by the week was pretty busy! We had prospects contacting us for apartments one day and then the next day they would be approved and be signing their leases. I am also looking forward to the intern meeting that I have next week at one of Weidner’s newest properties!

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