This week at The Vue at Pinnacle Park has been super busy! I had a bunch of tours this week and then have a few move-ins and move-outs tomorrow. One of my tours this week was super long but very successful! The prospects were looking for 3 bedrooms and wanted to sign right away. They were pretty much sold on renting at The Vue once I showed them the pool! We did not have any available 3 bedrooms to show at the time, so I ended up showing them the model apartment. The model apartment is the D2 floorplan and is one of the most sought-after 2 bedroom floorplans. Once I entered the model with the prospects and saw the inside of an apartment, they were 100 percent sold on renting at The Vue! Then I showed them where the available 3 bedroom apartment is located. They loved the fact that the apartment looks out onto a grassy side hill that is filled with trees and wildflowers. Then I was able to walk them through the application and get them approved! They were all super excited and they can not wait to move in! Then the office at The Vue always gets donuts for Donut Friday! The Community Director will go get fresh donuts every Friday and the residents are welcome to come down and grab a donut, some fruit, and a refreshment. We even offer donuts to any of the guests that come in for tours! Donut Friday is always a great way to end a busy week here at The Vue!


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