This week has been super busy at The Vue at Pinnacle Park. We had a bunch of tours and a lot of move-ins. For most move-ins, the office had to clean the apartment before the new residents moved in. I had to even clean some of the apartments on my own! I had to clean a couple of 3 bedroom apartments all by myself Thankfully, the apartments were not too dirty, so I only had to wipe down the kitchen and bathrooms and clean the hallway floors a little bit. My coworker Maisy and I also had to paint a whole apartment to get the apartment ready for one of the move-ins for this week. We had to cut in along all the trim and outlets first before going and painting with the large rollers. After four hours of painting, we had the apartment looking good as new! Then the next day my other coworker Kara and I went into the same apartment and finished getting it ready for the residents to move in. We had to clean the entire apartment from the kitchen appliances, living room, and every surface in the bathroom. Once we were done the apartment was pretty much spotless and in excellent condition for the new residents. Then the picture below is the apartment that we turned for the new residents. With clean floors and fresh paint on all the walls, the new residents will definitely enjoy their new apartment!

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