This week at the Vue was filled with so many different activities and things that needed to get done. We had a few residents moving out this week and we also had a few new residents moving in. To prep for our move-ins, I was in charge of cleaning their apartments before their move-in date. The apartments just needed some quick touch-up cleaning. The touch-up cleaning was mainly wiping down countertops, sweeping the floors, and making sure the kitchen appliances are clean. Once I was done cleaning each apartment I had to notify the groundskeeper James that he could go into the apartment and wax the floors. Once James was done with the floors I could go back into the apartment to do move-in conditions and place Welcome Home Gifts in the apartment. This week we also had another resident event! The event was a s’more party at The Vue’s fire pit. We gave the resident’s option between normal graham crackers and fudge stripe cookies. Then for the chocolate, the residents had a variety of choices from mint chocolate, Hershey’s, or Reese’s cups. We had a great turnout for the event and we enjoyed watching all the residents socialize by the fire.


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