As I started my new position as an intern in property management I was very eager to jump in! Unfortunately for me, I had a LOT of training to do and information to learn before I could do so. The first few days left me behind a computer for majority of the day learning necessary information on how to do my job properly. But, as you can imagine when I first got the opportunity to respond to emails, answer phone calls, and talk to prospective tenants, I was VERY excited.

I walked into the office on Saturday morning with all my training complete and ready to pick up the phone. *riiiiing* “Thank you for calling Legends at River Oaks this is Kelly speaking, how may I help you?” .. “Hi, is the pool open?”  -Little did I know this was exactly how my next 100 interactions would go.

Even though my first day interacting with tenants was not very challenging, I am glad I got to learn another part of the job.


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