On Friday of last week we had a very interesting situation take place. We had a resident come in saying that a little boy came up to her and asked her for some food because he said he hadn’t eaten all day. Upon hearing this, we went out and found the boy and gave him some food we had in our fridge. We started talking to the child who said his parents knew he was over here even though he didn’t live there and he was talking about his phone being locked and couldn’t figure out the password to unlock it. We then called the police because the boy was shirtless, complaining about being hungry and we couldn’t get a hold of his parents so we just wanted to make sure he was ok and gonna be taken care of. The boy then got sketchy and left promptly saying he had to meet up with his friend who would help him with his phone. After the boy left the office, another couple came in saying that their phone was stolen. This is important because the boy said he had a phone in which he couldn’t unlock (which would mean the phone he had was the phone these residents were reporting stolen). The police came and found the boy trying to get into another apartment building because he knew a t-mobile worker that could help him get into this phone, keep in mind this boy is no older than 10 years old. When the police picked him up he didn’t have a phone on him and the nice little boy who was in the office turned into a little disrespectful potty mouth. He was cussing out the police and back talking to them the entire time. What started as a poor little boy just trying to get some food turned into a young little troublemaker trying to get some food to fuel his journey to unlock a stolen phone. Don’t be fooled by how innocent someone may look, there could always be a darker side that you have to be prepared to deal with. Interesting way to end the week to say the least.

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